Monday, 13 May 2013

Capturing "Ever After" the Ben Kiruthi way

I first heard of Ben Kiruthi a while back when I was in search of a photographer who could produce a fantastic portfolio and his name came up as the best recommendation from my friend who had actually had some of her photos done by him. Although I am yet to have first hand experience of his work (and I fear it might be too late as he has since shifted his main focus to wedding photography...) I have grown to be an avid admirer of his capturings ever since, never failing to check his website - , - for new postings and out of this world photography...hence why I saw it fit for him to be the first one to grace my photography section.

To best quote Ben, five years from now he desires to be;
One of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world & have inspired thousands of photography enthusiasts...
You go Ben!!! I'll definitely be rooting for you :-) ...among other people who work with him in his day to day is his beautiful fiancée Faith ( what more can one ask for? having the support of someone who loves you...amazing!!)


Though I am yet to, I believe that sometime in the near future I'll definitely get some work done by him ( probably at my wedding *chuckles*) God willing!!

 How amazing is this...Rwandan themed wedding!

Some of the great moments captured by Ben; they range from wedding to lifestyle and more...his creations are simply breathtaking!!!

 Very tasteful... the black and white gives it a very classical feel.

 Engagement shoot...don't you just love the reflection!

  Wonder how many brides would be up to trashing their gown... beautiful moment right there!!!

  Ben Kiruthi with the newly wedded couple...

 very cute ( close your eyes baby while I kiss daddy ;-P)

 Engagement shoots...


portfolio and personality shoots...

 Simply beautiful!!

 family shoot...

Ben Kiruthi is undoubtedly very talented and it is with this and the passion that he has for his work that has seen him get recognized as one of the top photographers in kenya. For more of his work be sure to visit his website and blog or his facebook page;

Keep on with the good work Ben...wishing you God's blessings and all the success in the world!!!

I leave you with a link to a video of Ben speaking about his work, dreams and experiences...courtesy of KWELI TV

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