Monday, 8 April 2013

Geared for the Rainy season

April is here with us and with it comes the daunting (and sometimes expensive) task of trying to prevent styled hair from getting wet and tangled or maintaining it throughout this rainy season. This is undoubtedly the period when most bad hair days occur with ladies being spotted struggling to cover their hair with whatever item they could find at that crucial moment.

To avoid those "bad hair days" with your hair looking all messy and unruly, take a look at some hairstyles that have proven to hold up in such harsh weather conditions leaving your hair safe and strong at the end of the day.


Braiding has been regarded as the easiest way to maintain hair as it keeps it in place and saves time on combing and detangling.

Hair Bun:

If you have long hair then this is the hairstyle for you it is ideal because it prevents water from penetrating your hair leaving your with no worries of  getting tangles and furthermore, it is a very elegant style.


Those with dreadlocks can attest to how easy it is to maintain and the good news is that they don't have to be permanent. Try out temporary dreads this season if you get rained on you'll only need to wash and condition...hustle free.

Hair Weave:

Ladies who are fond of weaves well this is the best time to wear one. They are easier to maintain than your own hair and tend to dry faster so no need to worry if you get rained on. However when getting one ensure that it is human hair weave. Although a bit expensive, the human hair is preferable because it can be washed and set just like your own  hair.

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