Monday, 15 April 2013

Colour me Bold

Playing with colors can be a very exciting and thrilling thing especially when you are doing it right. Going on to mix a range of colors in your outfit is definitely a bold move that requires lots of confidence; so be adventurous and not of faint heart ;-)

The color-blocking trend has proven that its here to stay because its fun and simply accentuates your best features in color. However, if no thought is put into the blocking process, it can get quite messy and you might end up not getting your intended look.

                           This certainly does Minaj's features justice!!

Take a look at some gorgeous color blocking that has really stood out... 

From simple and stylish...

To rock hard edgy...
and stunningly fab!!
colors are without a doubt the way to go.
Tips on successful color blocking;
  • Combine colors from the same family to get a harmonious look e.g turquoise with royal blue
  • The brighter the color the better; colors such as pink, turquoise, emerald green, lemon yellow will never go wrong.
  • Go neutral on your accessories so as not to put off the entire outfit.
  • Don't combine more than three or four colors and avoid floral or prints this will make your outfit less clowny and more fashionable!!

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